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to the virtual home of

EckesVisionChristian Eckes

Machine Vision, Computer Graphics, 3D-Visualization, CAD
Media Solutions and Software Engineering


The focus of my work lies on

Content Creation solutions for the Film/TV Industry

I develop systems for the broadcast and multimedia industry. User, object and camera detection and tracking systems are combined with professional rendering and authoring solutions to create new possibilities for creating new content and to previsualize it during the production to speed up production time. 

CAD solutions for the Construction/Engineering Industry

I develop solutions for the construction and engineering industry to create, refine and visualize 3D models based on standard CAD solutions such as AUTODESK AutoCAD, AUTODESK Inventor or international  standards, such as STEP. I work hard to bridge the gap between the CAD modelling world and any propritary solutions my customers may use in their products to ensure that the virtual construction becomes a reality.    

As a software developer,  I work at the border between computer vision, computer graphics and the "real world". Currently, as a freelancer and founder of my own small consulting company EckesVision  I am realizing small innovative projects and with help from friends work also on larger ones.

I would be happy to help you in realizing your ideas or to make a good system even better -- let's do it together, do not hestitate, contact me.
Kind Regards, 
Christian Eckes