A camera plugin for AUTODESK MotionBuilder 2010 (32 bit) &  2011-2016 (32/64 bit)  and TECHNOCRANE s.r.o.  fully automatic robotic  TechnoDolly OR the more affordable  New Technocrane camera crane with optional encoder support.

tdcam window in virtual scene


TDCam connects camera tracking data delivered in real-time from the camera crane to AUTODESK MotionBuilder in order to support real-time previs. Camera position, orientation and zoom/focus/iris encoder values are delived to the MotionBuilder PC via serial connection and used to control a virtual camera in the realtime render engine of MotionBuilder. Virtual sets created by generic modelling tools such as AUTODESK Maya or 3D Studio Max can be merged with the live camera data by converting the sets to Autodesk FBX and importing them in MotionBuilder.




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MotionBuilder 2014 Compatible

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Dear Customers, 

I do not longer develop and support Autodesk MOTIONBUILDER plugins for cranes of Technocrane. I had to close this development branch in 2016.

Please contact Technocrane to obtain a reversed engineered and/or updated TDCAM plugin for Autodesk MOTIONBUILDER.

Thank you for all the support from 2010 until 2016.
I really enjoyed working with you and the Technocrane team.

Kind Regards,

Christian Eckes


Current Version 1.8.2 for Windows 7/8/10 64-Bit available since 2016-06-09

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Version History

1.8.1 available since 2015-12-07

1.8.0 available since 2015-09-02

1.7.4 available since 2015-05-26

1.7.3 since 2015-02-28

1.7.2 since 2015-02-14

1.7.1b since 2015-01-14

1.7.0 since 2014-11-01

1.0.0-1.6.9 released from 2010-08-31 until 2014-05-08

Please send us bug reports and requests for new features and improvements via email to tdcam<remove_this_please>@ecke<removeaswell>  


Features currently under discussion

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You need a valid AUTODESK MotionBuilder license installed under Microsoft Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)  workstation or laptop and a TechnoDolly camera crane to benefit from the TDCam plugin. Connect the TechnoDolly serial port with a serial port of the MotionBuilder PC or use a Serial-USB-Converter on the PC/Laptop side in order to make the camera tracking data computed at the TechnoDolly camera crane available in AUTODESK MotionBuilder. 


tdcam in mb2011

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