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A FBX recording solution for TorqTrack , the camera tracking system of TrackMen. The program records camera tracking data delivered in real-time via the studio ethernet network,  converts it into the 3D data exchange format AUTODESK FBX and saves it to file.

TorqTrack2FBX screenshotTorqTrackFBX fbx scene



 The program TorqTrack2FBX receives live camera tracking data from the ethernet network on any PC or laptop running Windows 7 or Linux sent from the TorqTrack camera tracking system, which is used in many virtual studios. It records camera tracking data on request and converts it into AUTODESK's 3D data exchange format FBX.  Camera position and orientation as well as field of view, optical center position and lense distorsion coeffients are converted to FBX animation channels, combined with static camera parameters such as chip size and exported as an FBX scene file with ASCII encoding. The resulting FBX scene can be used in post production by various CGI tools supporting FBX, such as MAYA, MOTIONBUILDER, SOFTIMAGE, 3DS MAX, NUKE and many more. For fast and easy on-site previz, TorqTrack2FBX is bundled with a simple FBX scene viewer showing the recorded camera position and orientation in the generated FBX scene as an interactive animation.


TorqTrack2FBX scene in MotionBuilder

Supported Platform

Available as a standalone executable for the Microsoft WINDOWS 7/8 32/64 Bit x86 platform and for some Linux distributions.  

MB2015 CompatibleMaya 2016 compatible Mobu 2016 compatible


Contact TrackMen for an offer.

Latest News

Current version 1.1.1 from the 10th of June, 2013


New version 1.2 shall support timecode (AncillaryTime Code (ATC) based on SMPTE 12M-2-2008 und ITU-R BT.1366 and SMPTE RP 188 usable as "RP 188/ATC over HD-SDI")

Developed by

EckesVision in cooperation with TrackMen


You needs network access to a TorqTrack camera tracking system to benefit from the solution. 


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