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Development of a Robotic Animation Studio

In 2016 I had the pleasure to work on developing an robotic animation studio from scratch by joining the team of the ZOHO Animation Studio as an robot programmer and Autodesk MotionBuilder and Autodesk Maya developer. We connected a KUKA KR30 HA robot to Autodesk Maya and Autodesk MotionBuilder using KUKA RSI and KUKA FSD. Virtual cameras plugins for virtual production and previz as well as path planning and motion control based on predefined virtual camera moves bridge the gap between the virtual 3D world and the real one.

Hopefully, financing of the animation feature film is coming soon. I keep my fingers crossed. The studio is ready to rumble ....


The Robot performs a move and sends the FK position/orientation/axis values via FSD (high 1ms update rate) and via RSI (4ms update-rate) to AUTODESK MOTIONBUILDER for recording and rendering. Note, we can also send back animation curves authored in MOTIONBUILDER to modfy the robot position and orientation during the update cycle of 10ms thanks to the mircale of KUKA Robotic Sensor Interface (KUKA.RSI) in real-time. No need to author and upload KRL! 



Programmed using AUTODESK MotionBUILDER/MAYA and set-up with a LASER saber, ups, hmm, its only a LED light -) the robot can cut through the darkness and draw with light ...


 Or you rent a highspeed camera, attach it to the robot, programm a move for high-speed automatic mode and shoot slow-motion ... e.g.to follow water drops ...

The sky is the limit .... contact them, in case you need something like this.